GTX 980 Time!

Well this morning I got a  PNY GTX 980 in the mail… its awesome. I previously had the EVGA GTX 970 and it was a good card. The reason I say good and not great was for one reason. The EVGA 970 had a bad coil whine in pretty much any game I loaded. I have heard of users installing software that will limit the frames, which should help with the noise. I did not want to install a 3rd party software to fix the hardware problem.


GTX 980 Graphics Card
Replacing the GTX 970 with a GTX 980


I am much happier with the GTX 980 compared to the 970. I have not done a fps test with the 970 and the 980, although if someone were to ask nicely in the comments below I might make a benchmark video comparing the two cards running Far Cry 4, BF4, Dead Space 3, and a few more titles.


The GTX 980 is a much bigger card than the GTX 970, it also features a green backlit GeForce logo. With the GeForce Experience software you can change the lighting configuration. From the brightness to the pattern of the light. You can make it flash to audio, breathing effect and several more.


My New GTX 980 mounted in my New PC Build.

After some testing using Furmark I was able to get a score of 6805 @ 75 fps @ 1920 by 1080p. Which is not bad coming from a AMD 6870. Well if your looking for a great card I would not hesitate to purchase the PNY GTX 980.